Your Government is running illegal experimentation programmes on innocent people





ITV News, UK, which is on one of the UK's five main TV channels, recently created a small documentary/news piece about gang-stalking.  They discuss how the police have been told by a commission that they aren't taking stalking by gangs seriously enough.  It also reminds people that it's a criminal offence to stalk people in this way.


ITV News takes the gang-stalking subject seriously, and unlike every USA news reel I've seen, they're on the side of the victim and it ISN'T a hit piece! Even the psychologist who they speak to says why people become gang-stalkers and NOT what is mentally wrong with the victim.


This news report is important for a number of things. For one, they actually use the phrase 'gang-stalking' and not something like 'group stalking', so if people look for that term, then they will likely find Targeted Individual websites. Secondly, it's a major TV news channel and not some local TV channel. Click on the image, below, to watch.









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