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-   Targeted Justice and Freedom-For-Targeted-Individuals

   are running a poster,  billboard campaign.


-  Truth Stream Media - 'The Minds of Men' Documentary

           (The most important video you'll ever watch)


-   Stop007 - 2 Minutes Silence - Crime Fighters Workshop 11 - 4th March 2019


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-   Ella Free - Accomplished Toronto sculptor targeted with electronic assaults by a criminal harassment

                   network - 28th Feb 2019


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-   Ella Free - T.I. Springtime Rally - 04/26/19 - Sacramento, CA - State Capitol - 13th Feb 2019


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-   AMAZING! The New York Times - Canadian Diplomats Sue Their Government Over Mysterious

    Cuban Disease (Diplomats symptoms are the same as many TI's) -7th Feb 2019


-   Stop007 - (Part 2) Prof. Jim Fetzer Interview - Ole Dammegard & Dr. Katherine Horton - 29th Jan 2019


-   Stop007 - (Part 1) Prof. Jim Fetzer Interview - Ole Dammegard & Dr. Katherine Horton - 28th Jan 2019


-   Michael Barden - The Barred In Report #7 With Dr. Kathrine Horton PHD - 22nd Jan 2019


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-   Ella Free - Targeted Justice and Freedom For Targeted Individuals Meeting in Oregon, 2018

                   - 17th Dec 2018


-   Ella Free - Michael Barden- Survivor of Long Term Trauma Based Abuse - 7th Dec 2018


-   Court Report - Frederic Laroche Court Hearing! -  30th Nov 2018


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-   PACTS Int. - Josh Shares about the new Housing Project he is starting in Michigan - 18th Nov 2018


-   PACTS Int - Todd Segal, more about the Freedom Ranch Project - 17th Nov 2018


-   Stop 007 - Contacting US Air Force Space Command (Stop 007) - 17th Nov 2018


-   Ella Free - Targeted Former Police Officer Shares Inside Information - 15th Nov 2018


-   The Richie Allen Show - Katherine Horton Interview - 13th Nov 2018


-   Ella Free - SHIELDING TIPS from KAREN STEWART former NSA - 13th Nov 2018


-   PACTS Int. - International TI Conference in Moscow, Russia - December - 12th Nov 2018


-   Ella Free - Ella talks with Invastigative Journalist Janet Phelan - 5th Nov 2018


-   The Washington - Cuban Diplomats still getting Harassment + break-ins when they returned to the

    USA - 2nd Nov 2018


-   Stop 007 - Richard Lighthouse - Special Investigators (Stop 007) - 28th Oct 2018


-   Ella Free - speaks with Justus Knight about Targeted Individuals - 24th Oct 2018


   WOW!! New York Times - Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S.

    Embassy Workers  - 1st September 2018


-   PACTS International - PACTS launches a magazine - 29th August 2018


-   PACTS International -  Start of a Twitter Campaign -  27th August 2018


-   PACTS International - Discusses purchasing land for TI's to live on - 25th August 2018


-   Ella Free - Ella's Podcast has moved to - 7th August 2018


-   Katherine Horton - The End of Techno Crime Fighters' Forum (Stop 007) - A reply - 6th August 2018



    EVAL SHENANIGANS - 6th August 2018


-   Techno Drime Fighters has Disbanded. The last episode excludes Katherine - 2nd August 2018


-   Ramola . Reports #78: Dave Case, Electronics Engineer, Discusses Military/CIA RF Assaults, “Tinnitus"

    2nd August 2018


-   PACTS International News Letter - Summer Time Meetings - 30th July 2018


-   PACTS International News Letter - TI's want to purchase land, to make a safe place to live

    21st July 2018


-   Katherine Horton -  (Stop 007) - ICATOR Update & News - 29 Jul 2018


-   Katherine Horton - Off-Roading Across the Field - Techno Crime Fighters' forum 71 - 27th July 2018


-   Katherine Horton - Stop007 - Weaponisation of WLAN - 23rd June 2018


- TECH - Computer the fraction of the size of a grain of rice can record audio & video - 22nd June 2018


-  Techno Crime Fighters Forum - Weekly Discussion And Update - Episode 66 - 21st June 2018


-  PACTS International - General Discussion about T.I. topics - 18th June 2018


-  PACTS International - International Tribunal for Natural Justice - 16th June 2018




 AMAZING!- 23rd May 2018 - China SONIC ATTACK at US embassy similar to that in Cuba



T.I. News (Archieved) - Click Here

Corruption in Politics, Enforcement, Security

& NGO's


- Jimmy Dore Show - Israel Committed War Crimes Against Palestine Says UN - 2nd March 2019


- Jimmy Dore Show - Video From Venezuelan Supermarket Exposes CNN Lies - 28th Feb 2019


- Jimmy Dore Show - Claim Trump Had Prior Knowledge Of Wikileaks Fails Hilariously - 27th Feb 2019


- The Corbett Report - The CIA Needs a Few Good Shrinks - #PropagandaWatch - 27th Feb 2019


- Jimmy Dore Show - CNN Gaslights Med4All, Green New Deal & Kamala Harris - 26th Feb 2019


- Empire Files - An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup

                    - 22nd Feb 2019


- The Corbett Report - The Crisis Of Science (Why Psychology Research is Crap) - 22nd Feb 2019


- Redacted Tonight - US Found To Be Shipping Arms To Venezuela - 18th Feb 2019


- Know More News - AIPAC & Anti-BDS EXPOSED by UNDERCOVER Footage- 12 Feb 2019


- Jimmy Dore Show - Tucker Carlson Dismantles Pro-War Stooge - 29th December 2018


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- Jimmy Dore Show - Nate Silver DeBunks Russian Influence On Election - 22nd December 2018


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- The Corberr Report Extras - Gerry Docherty on the Hidden History of WWI - 11th December 2018


- Jason Goodman - Corsi in the Crosshairs – Bill Binney Blows the Whistle on Robert Mueller and DOJ

                           Corruption - 1st December 2018

- RT - Spentagon: DoD fails its first-ever complete audit - 17th Nov 2018


- RT Sophie - A full-scale war in Gaza not to be ruled out – ex-Israeli PM - 17th Nov 2018


- RT - ‘Horror, deprivation, misery’: Yemen ‘not on brink of catastrophe, it is a catastrophe'

          17th Nov 2018


- ABC News -Secret indictment of Wikileaks founder accidentally disclosed - 16ty Nov


Democracy Now! - Exclusive: WikiLeaks Lawyer Warns U.S. Charges Against Assange Endanger Press

                          Freedom Worldwide -16th Nov 2018


- Redacted Tonight - Lies About California Fires, Foreign Influence In Midterms, US Funding A Cult

                             16th Nov 2018


- The Jimmy Dore Show - How Amazon's HQ2 Scam Screwed The Entire Country - 16th Nov 2018


- Redacted Tonight - ELECTION FRAUD EXPOSE: Footage Shows Broward County Ballot Madness

                             16th Nov 2018


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- The Corbett Report Extras - Lawyers Petition for 9/11 Grand Jury - 31st August 2018


- The Jimmy Dore Show - CNN Caught Lying About RussiaGate & Won’t Retract - 30th August 2018


-  RT - Massive anti-corruption rally grips Bucharest: Tear gas, water cannons deployed

   11th August 2018


-  The Jimmy Dore Show - Alex Jones Popularity Spikes After Being De-Platformed - 10th August 2018


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-  The Jimmy Dore Show - Senator Demands More censorship From Facebook & Youtube

   10th August 2018


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-  The Corbett Report - Debunking A Century of War Lies (False Flags, Lies that have started most

    modern wars) - 6th August 2018


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-  The Jimmy Dore Show - CIA Agent Reveals Signs Of Imminent Iran Invasion. w/John Kiriakou

   6th August 2018


-  The Corbett Report - Children Hack the Election and "F**k With the Public" at DEFCON - 26th July



-  The Corbett Report - NATO's "News Hero" - #PropagandaWatch - 31st July 2018


-  The Corbett Report - Company that made Agent Orange takes over much of the worlds food supply

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell - 24th June 2018


-  Corbett Report Extras - PTech and the 9/11 Software - 13th July 2018


-  HighImpactFlix - Police Lunatics: Cop Shoots at Dog, Hits Child (Body Cam) - 23rd June 2018


-  Redacted Tonight - Nestle uses child labour & slave labour - 22nd June 2018

~201~ Nestlé Horrors, Defense Dept Censors Its Crimes, and More


-  The Corbett Report - Illegal Wars in Yemen. Psychopathic state - 21st June 2018

Can You Guess Which District Has the Most Psychopaths?


-  Excellent Las Vegas False Flag investigator, has had his Youtube account blocked- 8th June 2018

HDRCFX moved to BitChute


-  Cop gets off free, after shooting an unarmed man, who was lying on the floor - 8th June 2018

HighImpactFlix - If THIS Video Doesn't Disturb You DEEPLY, You're NOT HUMAN!


-  Rogue Baltimore police unit ringleader Wayne Jenkins jailed for numerous offences - 7th June 2018

BBC News




Corruption  News (Archieved) - Click Here

David Voigts if offering over 1 Million Dollars to anyone who can provide information that will lead to the conviction of those that are organising contract-stalking., that will then lead to public disclosure and successful arrests of the attackers.


David is a formal U.S. Naval Officer. You can listen to his information by watching this video: -


He has created a web-site that contains full information, should you wish to come forward and claim the reward fund: -

The USA Government BORROWS 1 Million Dollars a minute. They borrow 700 Billion Dollars a Year. They currently owe 21 TRILLION Dollars, much of which is eaten up the the USA military's War Machine. So stop wasting money attacking Innocent Civilians and Innocent Targeted Individuals you morons!!


Great News!


Targeted Justice (TJ) has been working hard to bring awareness of what a TI is, the fact that we exist and that the technology exists, to as many people as it can, in a way that non-TI's will be curious enough to check out websites and find more information out about us. Their hard work includes developing a brand, researching how people would react to their campaign posters and billboards, finding great sites for those posters and billboards, negotiating a good price for the locations, and generally working as hard as they can to help us all, while often still being attacked as much of us are.


Targeted Justice does not generally ask for financial assistance, but in this case, I think that if you are able to, then please consider donating money towards the poster / awareness campaign, especially if you would like a poster or billboard near your location. You can give money here:-


Targeted Justice - Donate


Examples of their great work shown below :-)


Two-sided train wrap on an Expo Line SkyTrain in Vancouver, BC, Canada (photo by Lamar, Aug. 2, 2018).





There are other posters and billboards out there, with many more on the way. If you are wondering if their is one near you, then please visit Ella's website,



Inside the FBI's manufactured war on terror.Written by a Targeted Individuals. She lists her experieinces, how people detrayed her and how she was gang stalked.John Hall is famous in the Targeted Individual community and has been researching the subject for years. This is his latest book.Written by an ex NASA scientist who believes he has some of the technical information on how TI's are targeted, the frequencies etc.Satellite terrorism in America, was John Halls first book about being a Targeted Individual. It explains how his girlfriend was tortured, etc.A Compilation of Historical Information Derived from Various Sources (Mind Control Technology Book 1)


You Need To Know

Scientific Research PaperSearch Engine  InstructionsMillions of people are being attacked by government sponsored  Neuro-Weapons, Voice-To-Skull, Microwave Auditory Effect and DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons) every day, using implants and microwave frequency weapons. The people being attacked are know as "TI's" or "Targeted Individuals". Gang stalkers, known as "perps", are used by these same security service organisations, military personnel and criminal gangs to also cause psychological torment to their targets. TI's are running an awareness campaign to try to educate the public so they know the truth about what the USA, UK, Japan and European governments are wasting your TAX payers money on, the corruption involved, misinformation involved and the false flagging of innocent civilians as terrorists and perverts, as a way for the security services and private security companies to increase their funding via illegal means.


People on the whole, are very easily led by gossip and rarely question it's authenticity especially if the person they talk to flashes an official looking card, or wears a uniform. As an example of how stupid the general public is, please read this:-


Welshman attacked by racist yob who wrongly thought he was an immigrant because he was wearing a Russian hat.




Their are a number of brave souls who are working hard to bring these illegal government sponsored practices to the eyes of the general population. If you are able to, please be one of them.


If you are a military person, or ex military, you should be made aware that they have been experimenting on military personnel, without your consent, for decades. Now is your time to protest.


V2K or voice to skull, using the microwave auditory effect, was made famous in the Iraq war, when the American's used it to capture combatants, making them hear 'The Voice Of God' in their ears, telling them to put down their weapons and co-operate with the American's. Soon after the American military made the announcement as a way of showing off, 'oh look how good our technology is etc.' , they pulled the pages from the Internet, realising they'd just given away one of their biggest secrets. The CIA often removes pages after blabbing. They forget, many people make many copies knowing sources will be removed at a later date.







News reports released by MAIN STREAM MEDIA, that indicated they know what is going on with this evil technology. Surprisingly, this does sometimes occur.


My personal belief is that what is actually happening in the American embassy’s, is the usual CIA dis-information black-ops program. The CIA has been caught, on multiple occasions, attacking and killing their own people in an attempt to draw negative press towards other countries; a deflection tactic. Hell, they even helped to kill their own president, so they sure don't care about anyone else.


LATESTNew York Times - Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers



1. Cuban 'Sonic' Attacks On American Diplomats


2. Attack on American Diplomats in China



3. Accidental release of Papers via Fusion Centre






Remember that the only way to beat this thing, is to educate the public, before it becomes too late for all of us.




David Voigts is Cycling and Walking Across America - Helping to bring awareness to the American public,

Recognize and Regulate New Technologies Being Used Against Citizens!

STOP THE TORTURE! Please sign the petition.



Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. John Hall discuss the history of non consensual experimentation done by the CIA and other governmental groups Part 2 of 2.



Gang Stalkers If you are a gang stalker, please apply for a job, using the job application, here.