Your Government is running illegal experimentation programmes on innocent people



Campaigns for Truth & Freedom

Awaken TI's are doing their best to get the information about covert torture by government sponsored organisations, out in to the wider public. If 10% of a population know that what we are telling them is true, then we have a good chance of getting investigations going in our favour, and trials similar to those of the 'Nuremberg Trials' of World War II, which ended in the result of numerous scientists being hanged, for doing what they are doing in the present day.


Remember that saying 'I was just following orders' is NOT a valid excuse, as shown by those Nuremberg Trials. So I recommend scientists who have information should come forward, before they are also hanged in human rights trials. Please pass on all information to PACTS International, or Katherine Horton of Stop007


Below is a short, non comprehensive list of just some of the campaigns that are currently running:-




This lawsuit is well organised, by intelligent people, who are pooling their resources to take a 'full on' class action lawsuit. If you're a TI, then please join and help the organisation. They currently have well over 4000 people, with more joining daily. Be part of the movement that will help stop this thing. Their website is




Katherine Horton, of Stop007, has compiled an Affidavit for Targeted Individuals to fill out and submit to her. She is currently compiling a portfolio of evidence for a court case she hopes to submit to the UK courts in the very near future. If you wish to donate to her campaign, please do so, here: -




Karen Stewart, the ex NSA annalist, whistle blower and a member of the Joint Investigation Team, has a petition running, which if she gets enough signatures, will be submitted in the near future. A good explanation of her goals and her legal arguments are listed on the petition page, here:-





PACTS International, run by Derrick Robinson, is a long standing Targeted Individual organisation, that help, councils and advises those who are effected by this evil technology. They have various ongoing protests and public awareness campaigns running. Please contact them, if you with to help, through their website =


If you wish to donate to their protest programmes, please do so here:-


Donate to PACTS Int 




David Voigts is Walking Across America - Helping to bring awareness to the American public, Recognize and Regulate New Technologies Being Used Against Citizens! STOP THE TORTURE!         Please sign the petition.