Your Government is running illegal experimentation programmes on innocent people



Security Service Corruption

Remove 'The Land Of The Free' from the American national anthem, because it's bull shit



We believe that the USA , UK, Israel, Japan and most European security services, use microwave, neuro, synthetic telepathy; covert psyops type weapons.


This area was created to prove that those same security services are too corrupt to be trusted to use such powerful technology without misusing it.


Psychologists are used by the same security services as a way of bypassing the legal process. Before people are normally locked up, for whatever they've been accused of, they would go through the justice system. Well, not all judges can be bribed or blackmailed to convict someone on little or no evidence and know that you can't just lock someone up for having an opinion that is contradictory to what the government believes. So they use psychiatrists that can lock you away, without an appeal, and drug you so you become a zombie, to the point that you might as well be dead.

Corrupt Psychologists

Corrupt USA Police

Corrupt Governments

Corrupt FBI, CIA, DOD, NSA, GCHQ, MI5, MI6



I don't believe in God, but for those that do, expect your attackers to burn in hell for eternity.