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Embassy Staff Attacked

American Embassy staff attacked by Microwave frequency weapons in Cuba & China


Their have now been a number of reports that American embassy staff have been attacked by what appears to be frequency weapons, which have created permanent brain damage / trauma, in the last few months. What they are generally NOT reporting, is that some, if not many of those staff are now being harassed now they have returned to the USA, which would suggest that the people doing the attacks are a USA organisation. This harassment includes having their property broken into, although usually nothing is stolen, being followed and verbally abused in the street. Emails are being tampered with and diverted.


Some reporting has tried to rubbish these evens by saying things such as it was 'mass hysteria' and other ridiculous things. Embassy staff are usually well educated for obvious reasons, and unlikely to jump to conclusions. The CIA is, however, known for attacking it's own people in order to start a crisis and use that crisis as an excuse to attack or embargo a country. Great video about 'How to Engineer a Crisis' with examples, here.


The symptoms of those in the embassy are many of the same symptoms that targeted individuals complain about.



UPDATE: Canadian Diplomats Sue Their Government Over Mysterious Cuban Disease, for $28 Million Dollars.

Five Canadian diplomats and members of their families who fell victim to mysterious health complaints while posted to Cuba are suing the Canadian government for $28 million in damages.


The plaintiffs — 14 in total — accuse Ottawa of delaying their evacuation from Havana and their medical treatment. Radio-Canada spoke with some of the diplomats and their family members under condition of anonymity.


"Throughout the crisis, Canada downplayed the seriousness of the situation, hoarded and concealed critical health and safety information, and gave false, misleading and incomplete information to diplomatic staff," says the statement of claim.



BBC News "Diplomats sue Canada government over mystery illness in Cuba" A group of Canadian diplomats is suing the country's government for C$28m ($21.1m; £16.4m) after they succumbed to a mysterious illness in Cuba. The group of 14, including diplomats' family members, says Ottawa took too long to warn, evacuate and treat them.



CNN News "Canadian diplomats sue their government over mystery illness in Cuba" Fourteen Canadian diplomats are suing their government over a mysterious and lingering illness that they and US diplomats seem to have developed while posted in Cuba's capital.








New York Times "Canadian Diplomats Sue Their Government Over Mysterious Cuban Disease" Canadian diplomats who were posted to Cuba are suing their government, claiming that it failed to protect them and to respond robustly to a mysterious illness they acquired while stationed in Cuba. Paul Miller, the lawyer representing the 14 diplomats, spouses and children who are suing, compared the attack that preceded their illnesses to “a science fiction horror film.”










New York Times "Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers" Doctors and scientists say microwave strikes may have caused sonic delusions and very real brain damage among embassy staff and family members









New York Times "U.S. Diplomats With Mysterious Illness in Cuba Had Inner-Ear Damage, Doctors Say" Employees in Cuba who suffered mystifying symptoms — dizziness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating — after hearing a strange high-pitched sound all had one thing in common: damage to the part of the inner ear responsible for balance, according to the first doctors to examine them after the episodes



Live Science“Microwave Weapon Blamed for Apparent Attack on US Embassy in Cuba"Why did dozens of U.S. Embassy workers in Cuba hear loud sounds and suffer neurological symptoms in 2016? There's a new, Cold War-era microwave explanation for the mystery







New York Times "Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers" Doctors and scientists say microwave strikes may have caused sonic delusions and very real brain damage among embassy staff and family members



C-SPAN (USA Government Website "CUBA EMBASSY ATTACKS ON U.S DIPLOMATS" Clip taken by a viewer, from the main c-span video that lasts hours. Official USA government investigation which is unlikely to be impartial.






The Guardian"Microwave weapons suspected in US embassy ailments – report"Diplomats and family members stricken in Cuba and China. “Everybody was relatively sceptical at first,” he was quoted as saying, “and everyone now agrees there’s something there”.CBS This Morning News"New Sonic Attack Mystery"U.S. issues health alert after consular employee in China suffers brain injury.Attacks on China embassy staff resemble the same attacks that occurred on embassy staff in Cuba.NBC News"U.S. Diplomats Under Attack"A victim of what the U.S. government called “health attacks” on American diplomats — who were left with unexplained brain injuries when targeted with an unknown weapon — speaks out in an NBC News exclusive. Now, 26 American embassy staffers in Cuba and one diplomat in China are confirmed to have suffered these attacks that have become an international mystery.