USA  Police  State

Your Government is running illegal experimentation programmes on innocent people



American Police Corruption

The reason I have these web-pages is to prove to the general public that people who are supposed to protect you are too corrupt to be allowed to use technology that illegally probes peoples thoughts or causes innocent people harm.



Just about every black guy knows the American police has a bad record when it comes to corruption, racism and that it's the police that often run illegal activities. Try running down a street, carrying a bag and not get shot if your black, and then the police pull together and deny everything - "yer, he was carrying a gun, honest". We're not blaming all police, as we know it's the good ones that get beaten down. It's just that it's a hell of a lot of them.


If you were a Mafia member, what's the best way to be productive and get away with corruption? First, join the police force - use it to cover your own back and the backs of your colleges. Threaten those that try to get investigations started. Katherine Horton is correct in saying that all corporations, and the Police is run like a corporation, will eventually become "Deep Captured", i.e. run like a criminal organisation. It's inevitable.



The TOP 5 Corrupt U.S. Officers Of All Time.


5. Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa - NYPD, but in reality, they worked for the mafia.


4. Joseph Miedzianowski - Chicago police officer, labelled as the most corrupt cop.


3. David Mack And Rafael Perez - LAPD, but also worked for Death Row Records and were members of the Bloods gang.


2. Jon Burge - Chicago Police Department detective, oversaw the torture of hundreds of Black men resulting in false confessions between

    1972 and 1991.


1. Robert Gisevius, Kenneth Bowen, and Anthony Villavaso - New Orleans police department,  found guilty of falsifying reports and false

    prosecution in the conspiracy to cover-up the shooting and may face the death penalty.


For more info on the above corrupt police, visit this site.



JFK Assasination


The recent JFK papers show contradictions, that [Lee Harvey] Oswald was made the culprit by the police or was prepared to commit the act with promise of escape, and was assigned activities so as to have responsibility fall on or be insinuated against those whom the perpetrators wished,” Castro said, according to the memo. “It is clear that United States reactionaries tried to make Cuba and the world the victims of their criminal designs, even at the price of assassinating their own president.”




Illegal Arrests


There are so many illegal arrests by U.S. police, it's difficult to know which ones to show on here. Here is a recent one, where a nurse refused to allow a cop to illegally remove blood from a patient, for DNA, so the cop effectively attacked her. The incident was caught on camera. She was dragged away for protecting the rights of her patient. She has since been awarded $500,000 from a court case.






Police Brutality


Documentary exposing police brutality in America. A must watch video.





General Police Corruption


American cops are some of the most corrupt in the world. But, not just against TI's , but against everyone. Hopefully this video, although disturbing, will show TI's that cops are just as disrespectful to EVERYONE. This video was taken by a TV investigation team that wanted to know what would happen is someone went in to a police precinct, and politely asked for a form that they could fill in to make a police complaint. Forms should be readily available and are expected to be given to someone when requested. The reality is a little different, i.e. the investigator got arrested, by some cops and wa intimidated by other.  Please watch: