Your Government is running illegal experimentation programmes on innocent people



Recommended Web Sites

The Targeted Individual community gets bigger by the day. Here are some resources to help you.



  • Targeted Justice - The most important TI website at this time. Well organised, professional and our best hope of achieving our goal of getting the technology removed.


  • Stop 007 - by Katherine Horton who is a particle physicist. She is effected by Directed Energy Weapons. Along with Ramola D., she releases at least one youtube video a week, called 'Techo Crime Fighters Forum'.


  • Every Day Concerned Citizen - by Ramola D. .She has sooooo much information on her site, relating to the devices used, implants, information that may help TI's (i.e. shielding), released papers, etc.


  • PACTS International, by Derrick Robinson. This is a brilliant support group, that has numerous phone in podcasts, which are recorded for other TI's to learn from. He also has special guests. For people who need extra support, part of the phone is not recorded. Speak to Derrick for more information.


  • Ella Free - by Ella Free. A youtube channel that has a weekly guest, where the guest gives a presentation and then has Q&A sessions with people who then phone in.



  • Bigger Than Snowden - A list of Whistle Blowers that have come forward with information about these covert programmes, or/and have been effected by them. The list is not complete, but shows that these are not drunken red-necks that report these issues. Many TI's are highly qualified. The list includes:- NSA Veteran, US Army Captain, Customs Officer, Paramedic, Psychiatyrist, Teacher, Lawyer, CIA Veteran, MI5/MI6 operative, Naval Officer, Physicians, Authors, Army Officer with a PhD in Physics, DARPA scientist, Microwave Physicist.


  • Stop Gang Stalking Crimes - A website by an activist that hands out leaflets and explains about the program and the technology to the general public. The site contains the documents that the owner recommends you hand out to people.


  • Targeted Individuals - Created by a UK ex military guy, who is also being targeted. He has a good explanation of how gang-stalking is performed and shows the illegal experiential done to military personnel.


  • TIA - One of the larger, more established Targeted Individual websites. It has a number or resources for you.